What kind of family would do this to one of their own? Sighing, Rita turns to her children and said, "Look I know Aunt Ruth isn't your favorite relative" She was interrupted by Lynn Jr. saying, "That's the understatement of the century." After that, for the remainder of the car ride, nothing was heard but the sounds of Rita's crying and her tears dropping from her face. ", Lincoln: "I know how much you guys like having me there for you, and I didn't want to upset or disappoint you. "WE HATE YOUR DISGUSTING PUDDING!" Honest! Youve ruined my life and made me look like a melting snow cone!! ", Lincoln: "Oh, and I'm sorry for breaking your golf clubs, Lori. Lynn Sr. stuttered for a few moments and said, "Ground us?! I hate the fact that you never take responsibility! Lola: Hey, Lincoln! ESPECIALLY THE EXTRA TOE! "Get in here, now!," the man yelled, scaring the girl and making her run into the room like her butt was on fire. Rita asked. ", Lincoln: "Well what are we standing here for? And it wasn't just her, everyone in the lobby felt it and they looked around, wondering if there was an unexplainable earthquake coming. I hate gator wrestling! We don't know what we were thinking! [takes the mask off]"I was here the whole time! We are no longer grounded to the room. All of a sudden another 6-year old wearing a princess gown snatched the walkie talkie out of Felix's hand and said, "All right lady. [Normal - Remake - Original - Alternate Ending] 11 Louds a Leapin' Intern for the Worse / The Old and the Restless. Knowing they sealed the deal and there's no way they will ever have to go back to Aunt Ruth's, Lincoln said, "Well so long, freakshow. NOTE: I apologise to those who hate NSL fics, but ive really wanted to get this off my chest. The worst part is, they had no argument against this. She pointed to the back row of seats. SQUIRRELS WIN!" The last one he is shown reading has the Ninja Steel Rangers from Power Rangers Ninja Steel on the cover. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. (He walks back and forth to get attention) You guys have spent the whole weekend obsessing over this ridiculous good luck/bad luck thing at my expense! NOBODY!!! Bad luck never happened before when he was there..but he said all we do is just mess things up..we really are the worst family ever Rita: We're sorry kids. * Luna, Luan, Lola and Lisa were battling off against three obnoxious hotel guests that made all of them look like saints. Lincoln: You know what!? alternateending stpatricksday theloudhouse lincolnloud theloudhousefanfiction stpatricksday2022 Requested by austin2468. Patching Things Up / Cheater by the Dozen. "As grateful as I am that I saved you from making a dangerous decision," the man said, his tone getting lighter for a moment before returning to a serious tone, "I'm afraid that doesn't do much to the amount of trouble you're all in.". Even more computer typing was heard but soon afterward the woman on the other going, "Hhhmmmm.," was also heard. Sam: Luna, I got your letter. The moment she said that, Lynn Sr. and Rita's faces became shocked with horror, their kids knew about what they did and that they got kicked out because of it. Baby Steps / Brawl in the Family. Those words just made Lynn Sr. and Rita feel even more lousy and know for certain that they messed up big time. (to the viewers) "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna have some fun with my family." ", Lori: "Oh Lincoln, if you don't feel like attending our events all the time, we're not forcing you to go. Literature. This Fanfic is a MASSIVE critique on every fanfic that is targeting the Episode "No Such Luck" of the Western Animation Series "The Loud House." No Such Luck Alternate ending (Bad) Deviation Actions. Rita: (Gasps) Lincoln! ", (the sisters cheers. Two of Lincoln's comics have references on them: The one he reads first has Mr. You kicked me out of your lives, now I'm kicking you all out of mine!! I'm calling the cops! Why are you being arrested?! (He tears the costume off, leaving a very red and sweat-coated body in his wake. Lincoln was put into a coma during the nsl incident where he meets kamen rider diend and is given his powers afterwards he takes Lily and runs away to canterlot where he. Lisa: I was a fool to fall for it all, I swear. lincoln. Slamming the sliding glass door shut, he turned around and glared at everyone in the room. (She storms out of his room and into the hallway. The siblings were heard saying numerous phrases but they all pretty had the same topic, 'What did we do to get kicked out already?' I got to find somewhere to hide! Rita: I guess this is what we get for selling all his stuff. We let superstitions get to us, and we did something no family should ever do. "Really," Luan said, raising her eyebrows at her parents, "Because if you ask me parents don't go skinny dipping at night, or get the entire family kicked out of the hotel or make their children feel guilty for ruining a vacation that they already ruined." Lynn added. I do not own The Loud House, it belongs to Nickelodeon Animation, created by Chris Savino. (Points at Lynn) Nothing, but a stupid sore loser and a nasty, brainless brute! It centers around an Alternate Timeline involving the events of the infamous episode "No Such Luck", where the Loud family thought that Lincoln was bad luck. Loud House Alternate Ending: Out of the Picture by . Bad. Rushing to the balcony door, he opened it, getting the girl's attention. *Later in the Duke's room, Lincoln approaches Angus* Angus: Ah Lincoln, What's seems to be on your mind? Lincoln: Lana. ", (Lynn starts running towards him. They were upset and disappointed, their kids promised them they wouldn't cause any problems but they did. Lincoln: Well, this was cool. # 17. the loud kamen rider by Dratinibro. ), Lynn: (Screams in despair) ROASTED, BEATEN, VERBALLY THRASHED AND TOSSED INTO THE SEA BY MY ONLY BROTHER!!!! "WELL, NOW THAT I KNOW HOW YOU KIDS FEEL ABOUT ME! Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. I messed up and maybe i did want to support some of you guys! In. Not you or Lucy. ", Pep:[downright bored] "I think I've wasted my life. What's going on here?! We had no idea this family could be so gullible. As in, how ill knock your head over heels! But I'm not entirelyinnocent myself." Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. His choreography is so dated. So, I plan to rectify that. (The family gets more and more heartbroken as he continues to rant.). Incredible from The Incredibles on the cover. ", "Can I just say that I was only out there because I was accidentally locked out." Lincoln asked his parents. Pre-Story Notice: Hello everyone. "We just wanna tell you how much we HATE YOU, YOU GROSS UGLY THING!" "First of all, don't shout at me!," the woman said, in a tone that made Lola be quiet, "Second, if you give me a second, I'll sort this out some more." I need to hide! The siblings began agreeing with that statement, but Lynn Sr. and Rita were frightened. I get that i was pretty stupid myself to spread that stupid fib, i should have just opened up! "You guys are literally going up the room right now and getting our stuff now!" Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Understood?!" So we've been in here trying to pass the time. ", Luna: "No, you were right. Whats wrong? Said baby had an angry face and she glared at her mom and dad, "Poo poo!" Rita pondered for a moment and then said, "Hey I know, why don't we make a quick stop to Aunt Ruth's and" Her idea was interrupted by Lori slamming on the brakes hard, jerking the van to stop. Actually, there's something I need to do! I didn't think you guys would believe I was bad luck, even going as far as to lock me out. "I can't believe you kids just did that," Rita said, tears running down her face like a river. I can't even begin to imagine what they'll do their parents when they find them.'. the goth girl added. I have failed as a human being. Spell it out alt ending7. (Previously on The Loud House. Luna put. Rita: Kids, your friends are here. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite, and share. ", Lincoln: "Still, I wish I would've just told you guys the truth, then maybe none of this would've happened. The woman groaned and responded with, "It's not so much the dip that got them in trouble, rather it was their lack of swimwear that did." Leni stared crying and the rest of them followed suit. But seriously, we made a mess of everything! Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. And if you do, I'll have you arrested! ", Lincoln: "But just because you lost your game, doesn't mean you have to pin it on me! Experimental One Shot. "Two outs in the bottom of the ninth, and the bases are loaded. "EXCUSE ME???!!!" The siblings glared at her for a moment but saw she had a point, it didn't make sense to ground her or Lily for that matter, she was a baby, anything she did wasn't entirely her fault. At the end of the day, the family's bonds couldn't have been any stronger, they talked more and spent more time bonding, even if it just watching something on the TV. Today I'm doing a new story called 'Hall Monster Linka,' as you can tell this a story that features Linka Loud and her brothers. "Yeah, I guess that's fair," Luna said, "we made a promise with you and we couldn't keep it." Luan: Yeah, our luck has just run out! Status Update. After that, Rita began crying, a member of her family that she loved despite everyone else hating her had just disowned her and her family. You're nothing, but an embarrassment to sports. *Lincoln approaches the front yard with a megaphone. IM hoping to show this to Nickelodeon themselves someday. Lock 'n' Loud / The Whole Picture. Making the Grade / Vantastic Voyage. She playfully rolled her eyes. "Yes," Lynn Sr. started with, "but to be fair you kids" He then lost his words when he saw his son giving a deep stone cold glare of anger, making him gulp in fear. ", Lynn: (angered, she gets closer to Lincoln and raises a fist at him) "If you don't get out of here, I'm gonna-", Luna: (pull Lynn back) "WHOA! ], Baseball Announcer: "Yowza." [Everyone headed to the living room to sleep together. Lincoln and Lucy hung their heads in shame and embarrassment. [The softball playoffs. Lucy: Well, you covered for me and saved me from all this non-stop torment. We don't want to stare at you on the drive home, so you're sitting in the back." Lynn Sr.: (tears up) I can't believe he said we're not a real family. Lana: You know, on second thought, I don't want to be at the beach. Lori finished with. Lincoln: (off-screen) Where are you going Luce? ), Lincoln: (to the viewers) " I can't believe they actually locked me out the house, which is also my home. I hate it that you don't have any feelings or care anymore! At least this thick skin won't let me down! (They enter the house, but Lincoln is nowhere to be seen.). Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. "Her pudding is at least a hundred years old and will cause us all to go to the hospital for stomach pumping," Lisa added. I was horrible to you! Felix got up to see the siblings storming downstairs, ready to give their parents a piece of their mind without a care for who or what gets broken in the process. Lincoln: AND I NEVER, EVER WANT TO SEE YOU UNLUCKY PARASITES IN MY LIFE AGAIN!!! Lori said. I'm sorry I was such a bad loser, all I wanted was for Lincoln to support me, to support us. While we do so, sit on the couch and DON'T MOVE!" turns her attention to Lincoln) "Get out! "Now I want an explanation," the man started with, as he stomps a few steps toward them, "As to all of this. Journal. After a few seconds, the same pounding noise was heard yet again, this time even louder. Hahahaha! SQUIRRELS WIN! The way she said 'Don't Move,' made Lynn Sr. and Rita flinch in fright, they knew from Lori's tone that she dead serious so they knew better than to disobey, it worked all the time they did so it should work when she did it. We don't need to get violent here. Rita tried to say something, but she couldn't. Later, in jail). Leni: *Gasp* My Sewing Machine! Lola: If it wasn't for Miss. Ive often helped feed your pets and come to your stunt moves. I loved winning so much that didn't take my failure like a good sport, and started thiswhole bycalling you bad luck. Hmm. N Eddy's big picture show . I can't believe I told him to back away from his own home! Lincoln: I dont think I told you I was bad luck. Hearing that made the parents sigh in disappointment, they should've known their kids would break things and hoped the bill wouldn't be that much, but also knew that odds were that the bill was going to be massive. (She hugs Lincoln again), Lincoln: "Thanks Lynn. Everyone finally realized that what they've done. And can you please unlock my room for me? Look, I see sweaty footprints! No such luck: alternate ending 2 by iann28 on DeviantArt N literature No such luck: alternate ending 2 Add to Favourites Comment By iann28 Published: Apr 5, 2018 Favourites 0 Comments 4.9K Views *Lincoln approaches the front yard with a megaphone. Lana: *Gasp* All my pets are now homeless! Lincoln: Alright then, call them. Lincoln, you are now free to come back into the house.". Just because of superstitions?! I HATE THIS!!! Ronnie Anne: [Sighs] The softball game she accused Lincoln of being bad lack was on Friday the 13th. The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. I don't want this stupid bunch of brats in my life anymore! How can I help you?" It's too broken, even for me! ], Family: "CONGRATULATIONS! WE WERE NEVER PARENTS!!!! Are you saying that our parents are responsible getting us kicked out?" "Listen to what?" Lana: Gee. BECAUSE I DON'T WANT YOU LITTLE DEMONS ANYWHERE NEAR MY HOUSE AGAIN!" Tell the community what's on your mind. I hate clowning! The furniture was all over the place, the shower was ruined, the air conditioner was gone and he noticed a 17-year old girl with blonde hair in a blue shirt outside, about to jump from the side of the balcony. As she started getting cleaning supplies to try and restore the lobby to a sense of glory, Maddie thought to herself, 'If the kids did this to the lobby on their way to find their parents. ", Rita: "And tomorrow, we're going to the beach." "Huh. Now, let me make this clear! Luna: (with a broken voice) "We're really sorry bro! Lucy: Lincoln, stop! He'll ruin it for them!" Rita: "Even worse than they already were!" Chester: "OK, if you know the words to this song, sing along!" [Lincoln starts song off with turntables and keyboards.] "Uh, sweetie," her dad said, in a nervous tone, "Think you and Luna can get out of the front seats, so I can drive us home." Everyone winced at the final words out of Lola's mouth, but not the woman on the other end. Lincoln: If superstitions and their own needs are all they want, I just won't be near them. I don't expect it to be good, I just felt like doing an alternative ending. Fund your creativity by creating subscription tiers. It's my first ever one shot I've done. Lynn Sr.: I can't believe we messed up so bad like this! She turned to face her parents, a massive glare on her face, and Lola added, "And it's all mom and dad's fault." There's a massive storm heading your way." Thats what my problem is! Leni: Linky.(sniffles).please don't do this to us. Lynn Sr.: Son..we never stopped loving you..we do care about you Lori: Don't hurt us like this..we're your familywe want you to be with us. Lana: We didn't mean to ruin your life..(sniffles).we just wanted to avoid bad luck..we're so sorry we went about it all wrong Luna: We get it bro.you were never bad luck..we ruined everything for youthere is no such thing as luckwe'll never live this down.. Lola: You can't hurt your own family like this.. Lincoln: You all hurt me first! They got their answer when, suddenly, the door the spa was kicked open by someone's shoe. No such luck alt ending5. You overreact to everything! (Luna gasps) You all dont quite grasp the concept! Post an update . YOU'RE BANNED! Also yes, this story takes place in season 5. Then, he opened it up. Okay this episode has already been hated enough you can pretty much type in the rants for 'No such luck' and there will be a lot of those, I too hated this e. And he did not look happy. He had a glare on his face and he was tapping his foot on the ground repetitively, showing that he was serious. I need a very big, long rest from them. Unfortunately, they were not quick enough and, in a swift moment, the four were launched into the room across the hall, landing in a painful pile on the floor. Rita stood up and heads to the door. "But, as usual," Lincoln added, walking towards his parents, "We didn't and as a result you got angry and grounded us." [knocks Pep down], [Lynn finishes her run and gets picked up by her family in celebration of her victory. "Lincoln," Rita said, about to get up from the couch to comfort him. (pauses for a second) "You know what, I'll decide when we get there and see what movies are playing. We should thought about it ourselves before jumping to a preposterous conclusion that you were bad luck. After spending a good 10-15 minutes unpacking and putting everything back in the respective places in their rooms, the siblings walked into the living room and saw their parents were in fact still sitting on the couch. They sold his furniture and forced him to wear a squirrel costume to bring them good luck.) (With his remaining strength, he scrambles over to the house. Lincoln: I hate this! "Good," Jeffrey said, stepping aside and point to the doorway, "Now get out! We feel so ashamed!" Rita: (with a broken voice) "We're so sorry Lincoln! Theres nothing lucky about it! The siblings and parents saw Leni standing there, mom and dad were curious why Leni wasn't with them in the room but before they could say anything, Lisa answered her, "Yes my second oldest sibling. I hate grave digging and poems and I HATE DESPICABLE SPORTS!!! Rita: Sweetie, please! Theres no need for such vile, hateful behaviour, elder brother! And with that, Felix fell unconscious, thinking about what kind of damage those kids would do in their anger. "Well mom, you know what I think?" News flash; I live here!". Learn more. I'll keep it between the both of us. But worse than that, I was being a horrible sister!" With how much of a hatedom Lynn Jr got after this episode, I had to have her own up to her mistakes. "That we had to learn about all of this when hotel security barged up to our room due to numerous complaints!" ", Lori: (with a broken voice) "What kind of monsters are we?!". Just so you know, in case you ask about that). Uh-uh, I'm nothaving it. Even though Lincoln was the one who brought this on himself. . Lincoln: Happy Valentines Day, Ronnie Anne. "Uuhhh," Luna started, unsure of how to start the conversation, "Hello, security dude. lolo soetoro and halliburton, tundra wilderness tour princess,